A Lilac a Day
A Lilac a Day

A Lilac a Day

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I just wanted to be as close as possible to the actual flower. When you smell it, it's like walking among the ephemeral field of blooming lilacs. Like having a lilac in your pocket all day, every day.” - Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren

FLOWERING ALL YEAR AROUND: Imagine just a moment – to bloom, to fall in love. For one brief, heady point in time, the lilac is blooming, a tentative yet exhilarating burst of vitality. Just as quickly, that moment is gone, leaving only a fragrant trace in our memory. But the love story is just beginning.

A pictural composition of a lilac

  • Top: Blue lilac, spring freesia
  • Heart: Jasmin, galbanum
  • Base: Black amber, rose