China White

China White

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''The fragrance aims to reveal the treasure of a sentimental journey. It is the result of a quest to reveal the strength of fragility.'' The Nose. China White is quixotic, mercurial beauty. A fragrance that recalls the slow, viscous curl of smoking opiates, sweet, powdered bodies and lush, lacquered settings, China White is a dreamlike elegy for preceding generations of lush, narcotic oriental fragrances. Indubitably spice-flecked, powerfully infused with florals, and absolutely anchored by sturdy woods, this scent fits all the categorical descriptions of its forbearers, but in true Nasomatto tradition, China White modifies and revamps the storied boards on which it treads. Initially a dry, subtly sizzling wood, this scent quickly expands in a rich, floral direction. The petals of this mystery bloom seem to drip their intoxicating nectar once exposed to the precise, piercing heat of the preceding spices. But just as this bloom unfurls and begins to drain itself of its fragrant potential, the wooden base of China White resurfaces and tempers this romantic, dulcet ooze. As wood absorbs floral, the sturdier substance seems to glow with renewed life, as if floral nectar is the blood wood needs to stay alive. As these elements fuse, a bittersweet, slightly camphoric fragrance arises, not unlike the bracing aroma of fresh, young wood. China White reinvents our sense of traditional spicy-sweet allure. It's velveteen texture hews to skin with religious fervor yet there's nothing pious or predictable about this innovator. A perfect way to wear a classic without feeling dated, China White is refined, sultry glamour, updated.

Floral, Woody,

Fragrance Notes:

almond, cinnamon, spice, heliotropine, orris, patchouli, white flower, animalic, balm, cedar, leather

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