Confessions of a Garden Gnome
Confessions of a Garden Gnome

Confessions of a Garden Gnome

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“It’s been four seasons since my last confession” – Anonymous
The bloom of spring, the winter chill, the summer sun and the autumn wind can only be experienced by those who have become one with it.
The garden is all we know and here we shall remain.

Crisp morning dew through fragrance, Confessions of a Garden Gnome captures four seasons in one day. A composition in transparency, delicate cedarwood washed in musk is moved with a breeze of Sicilian bergamot, coriander, exotic yuzu, and the fruity-rose inflections of pink peppercorn. This chord carries a verdant springtime sonata of lily-of-the-valley, enlivened with pulpy sweet mango and unexpected hums of sheer rose and striking violet leaf. For counterpoint, the salty air of ambergris and amber charge this woody floral. 

Notes: cedarwood, musk, bergamot, coriander, yuzu, pink pepper, mango, rose, violet leaf, ambergris and amber.