Darling Nikki
Darling Nikki
Darling Nikki

Darling Nikki

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The Eighties in Moscow were a moment where uncertainty, hope, excitement and a hint of fear were scenting the air. A space for discussion, a time for the future.” - Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren 

THE CLUB CODE: Moscow in the Eighties. An anonymous door, a coded knock, a distant beat. A rush of scent – black pepper, saffron, leather and Sicilian tangerine – a smoky, spicy promise of what is still hidden that captures the effervescent thrill of secret parties, then and tomorrow.

Darling Nikki Fragrance Notes: 
An effervescent oriental

  • Top: Sicilian tangerine, cassis, black pepper
  • Heart: Carrot seeds, saffron, black lotus
  • Base: Leather, wood smoke, tonka bean