Don't Tell Jasmine
Don't Tell Jasmine
Don't Tell Jasmine

Don't Tell Jasmine

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We all carry around fantasies that aren't meant to be shared. A secret thrill that makes you smile with gourmand abandon.” - Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren

We ALL HAVE SECRETS!: She changes everything she touches. For some, she is the storm – the air around her alive with bold electricity. For others, she is an awakening – a slow seduction that ignites deep and until-yet-impossible connections. Inspired by her, unveiling Egyptian jasmine absolute and camellia that becomes a petal musk on warm skin.

Don't Tell Jasmine Fragrance Notes: 
The rawness of jasmine

  • Top: Lemon, kir
  • Heart: Egyptian jasmin, camelia
  • Base: Petal musk