Al Wasl

Al Wasl

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The essence of OUD 

Al Wasl (previously know as Gold I )is an homage to the thousand year old oriental journey of the oud, amber and fragrances that found their meeting point in the middle-eastern spice markets. Richly evocative and absolutely gorgeous.

The moment is an authentic and complete immersion into the very heart of an Oriental night market, where incenses, spices and aromas mingle and cast spells.

The night is pitch dark, the air becomes crisp as the surrounding dunes of fine sand give up their ochre colour as the sun disappears. The only point of focus now are the lights emanating from the bustling night souk.
After just a few steps through the spice market, the nose is struck as a zing of apple crosses a spicy hint of crushed pepper. Weaving deeper through the narrow alleys of the souk is not an easy task, as the merchants distract with their call to admire their finest products: velvety white flowers carefully lined up next to the most coveted of all the turpentines – oud wood. 
Further lost amongst the cloudy smells rising from incandescent incenses, a dash of musk swirls through a golden warm amber nestled comfortably in sweet vanilla. The feeling is that of a dreamy-soft nirvana.

Gold I Fragrance Notes:

  • Top notes: apple and pepper
  • Middle notes: white flowers and oud wood
  • Base notes: vanilla, musk, sandal and amber