L'Enfant Terrible
L'Enfant Terrible

L'Enfant Terrible

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The 'Enfant Terrible' is both loved and hated; his power of seduction never fails him.” - Francois Henin

His desires are our orders. It is impossible to refuse her anything. The spoiled child's strong personality withers not as they grow. As an adult they continue to live a life on the cusp, and we still forgive them everything. Whatever their tantrums, demands or wheedling, we rush to give in. Even their power of seduction smashes through all boundaries. Adorable and headstrong, they make life breathtaking and immediate… How can we possibly say no to the promise of new and ever more extraordinary adventures?

Perfumer: Jacques Flori (Robertet)

Oriental, Woody, Spicy 

  • Top Notes: Nutmeg 
  • Heart Notes: Date 
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood