Mortal Skin
Mortal Skin

Mortal Skin

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"Venomous Sandalwood”

Act I
The perfume, languid and colourful, hypnotises me. I am facing two eyes that desire me.
Leafy coolness, fruits, magic of the encounter. The seduction complies.

Act II
The perfume rises up and paralyses me. The fangs ooze, wanting to sink into me. Throbbing heat mixed with blue cold, I think I am bitten. Sandalwood, tequila, intoxication.

Bestiality, brutality, journey. The perfume smells of hot ash.
Life slips away. It now knows that all is beautiful.


  • 290Blackberry - Saffron - Cardamom
  • Opoponax - Iris
  • Musk - Amber gris - Sandalwood