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Inspired by the voices of opera’s divas, this amber and floral fragrance takes centre stage in a dramatic bottle.

Soprano takes the ancestral lore of perfumery to a new dimension. Oriental and floral in character, it features Calabrian bergamot and freesia top notes with an extraordinary heart of Bulgarian rose and osmanthus. Agarwood and patchouli at the base entice the nose in deeper.

Rich and mysterious, the V collection by Xerjoff celebrates the supreme beauty of velvet. Soft and intense, each scent is evocative of pure luxury.

Soprano Fragrance Notes: 

  • Litchi, Fruity Accord, Fresia, Calabrian Bergamot
  • Osmanthus, Milky Accord, Egyptian Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose
  • Leather Notes, Agarwood, Patchouly