Private Events

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    Celebrate with La Jetée 

At La Jetée, we're always in the spirit of celebrating and hosting special parties or events. We offer our thoughtfully designed shop for your event. 

Here are some event ideas to host at La Jetée:

1. Celebrate your Birthday  

Invite friends and family for your birthday celebration and we will host it for you. 

2. Hold a Class

Quench your customers’ thirst for knowledge by holding classes so they can pick up new knowledge and skills. 

3. Put together a runway show 

This type of event works best for apparel and accessories. If you’re bringing in fresh merchandise or new product line, why not hold a runway show to showcase your items?

4. Celebrate a product launch

Another cool way to unveil a new product or partnership is to celebrate its launch — literally. Pop some champagne, decorate our store, and get in a festive mood. You can even hold a sale while you’re at it!

5. Appreciation event for your best clients

Invite your best clients for an evening of gratitude and celebrate them with champagne and private education of niche fragrances. 

6. Private shopping for your signature scent

If you would like to have a VIP experience finding your next signature scent, we have a private room where you will be shown some of the best fragrances while sipping on champagne. This type of event is perfect for engaged couples looking to find fragrance for a wedding day or anyone who would like to make shopping for a fragrance special surprise. 

Please call us at 407-286-4653 for more details