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Navitus Parfums, a niche fragrance house known for its exceptional collection of luxurious fragrances, was established with a vision to create fragrances embodying elegance and individuality, crafting distinctive scents using only the most precious ingredients available in the world of perfumery.

We take great pride in working with renowned master perfumers who share our passion for creating extraordinary fragrances and artfully blend rare and exotic ingredients producing scents that are truly one-of-a-kind. Each fragrance tells a story and evokes emotions, making it an experience that is deeply personal.

We understand fragrance to be an extension of one’s personality and with our diverse collection ranging from elegant fruity florals to sultry gourmands and show-stopping boozy fragrances, our collection appeals to a large spectrum of niche fragrance lovers.

Each Navitus fragrance tells a story, and each bottle holds within it not just beautiful fragrances but also memories waiting to be created.


Our unique approach to sourcing rich ingredients from all over the world coupled with a careful selection of master perfumers enables us to deliver unique fragrance experiences like never imagined before.

Whether it is our unique spring summer blend of rum-soaked banana with whipped cream,vanilla and saffron, or a fall season best seller blending a brandy accord with dried fruits and dates, each of our fragrances has a unique story behind it.

This is why Francis Kurkdjian was our first choice to create the brand’s main rose-focused fragrance. Dominique Ropion was chosen to create a fresh masterpiece underlined by a unique gin fizz accord. Similarly, Sidonie Lancesseur, to bring her wealth of experience in creating gourmands, creating warm and sensual fragrances with contrasting notes such as roasted almonds and coffee in The Embrace, and brandy and dates in XO Brandy.

20 products

20 products