Black I
Black I

Black I

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A ceremony with incenses
Black I has all the cosiness of a singular and beloved moment in Oriental culture – the coffee ceremony. It is a moment of relaxation and sharing evoked through this unique fragrance.  

The voyage begins with a rich, evocative Arabian hospitality ritual.

The door opens, the courtyard is set with daybeds covered with soft woollen and silk cushions. A hint of spiced smoke wafts through the warm air, an intriguing blend of cardamom and cinnamon that hints at the concoction being brewed.  It is the time for gatherings – the coffee ceremony can begin. The complexity of the brewing unveils itself. A delicate incense flickers over a musky sandalwood, the recipe is poised, powerful and sophisticated. At last, a soft trace of an exotic French vanilla takes over the palate – a mouth-watering delight. The company is relaxed, the host is delighted. It is a moment of pure bliss.

Black I Fragrance Notes: 

  • Top notes: cinnamon and cardamom
  • Middle notes: incense, cypress and sandal wood
  • Base notes: musk and cedar wood