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Do we have a flower in the brain?
Where the angels hesitate, in the depths of the most remote part of our brain, there a very small part with the allusive and symbolic shape of an almond has been called Amygdala. It is perhaps there that in addition to fear and emotions, an endless flowery field unfolds, of light and violets, of mysteries and passions, of attachments and flights and of inexplicable beauty ?

The inspiration for this Talisman Extreme was born from the recent psychological-biological studies by Stefania, the founder of Mendittorosa who besides perfume creation also carries a certified Master of Science in Psychology.

Amygdala Extrait de Parfum 35% is deliberately extremely powerful, but at the same time disarming. Amygdala releases an attractive force, which lifts us above good and evil thoughts, and makes us float in the infinity immensity of our own brain.

To give olfactory structure to this synesthesia, Stefania again chose Luca Maffei, as the Master Perfumer of the work, who this time went beyond, beyond all expectations and beyond his own figures.
Luca let himself be guided by a DTI image of our cerebral hemispheres in which he was able to see an enormous iris flower, he immediately decided to concentrate and work around a complex and exciting floral bouquet. He wanted to try his hand at many cross-references between the raw materials as a tribute to the so many neural interconnections. ginger and coffee transmit energy and dynamism to the top notes, and in their extreme contrast they represent the flashes of emotional impulses. For the heart, Luca and Stefania have always thought of almond which recalls the shape of the Amygdala to then leave the word to the flowers: iris, ylang ylang, violet leaves and orange blossom for the colors. Finally, to celebrate the main role of Amygdala precisely in the olfactive processing and in the olfactive memory in particular, Luca wanted vetiver and labdanum, which have scents that never go unnoticed.

“I tried to create a fragrance that amazes that can change our face expressions.”

Instead, the same goldsmith and sculptor who created Athanor was called to give shape and matter to the cap, with whose words we describe the genesis of the artifact.

The genesis of Amygdala’s iconography consists of geometric signs: two circles that describe two worlds partly intersected with each other, resulting in forming the third central figure of the almond.

In interpreting this meeting, I designed a complex skeletonization destined for bronze sculpture, an expression of universality. Declining the plurality of the multitude with two almonds placed on different inclined planes in space, I connected them in a light balance, almost touched, to intercept the landing to embrace, and then settle on sinuously in a hospitable verticality. Looking for the sense of a symbolic multiplicity, enclosed and protected within it, which is a religious icon, a neurological fulcrum and still more and infinitely, I sought uniqueness by setting a different mineral in each fused sculpture. Agates, quartzes, rhodonites, opals, jasper, precious fruits of a body placed on the highest point of the Amygdala bottle.

Amygdala Fragrance Notes: 

  • PINK PEPPER -> South America
  • ARABICA COFFEE -> South America
  • CINNAMON -> Sri Lanka
  • GALBANO -> Iran
  • YLANG YLANG -> Madagascar
  • GUAIACO WOOD -> Paraguay
  • VETIVER -> Haiti
  • LABDANO -> Spain

Extrait de Parfum 35%