Black III

Black III

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Invigorating, deep and soulful 

Black III has the warmth of a cosy day, comfortably sitting in a leather armchair worn out by the years, surrounded by a collection of travel memories with an open view onto the Mediterranean Sea. 

As the Mediterranean Sea is reached, there is a collision between elements and precious memories.

The still-low sunlight says dawn has just passed, giving shape to a Baroque-inspired dwelling that seems suspended over the Mediterranean Sea. As the sun warms the elements, the senses are aroused abruptly with a rush of vibrant citrus and cool spearmint. 

The door is opened, allowing the crisp air from outside to collide with the warmth of the interior.

The chill passes. The leather and wooden floor warms up as the sun rises, enhancing the relaxing atmosphere. Suddenly, through the window, a dusty sunbeam highlights a collection of a life spent travelling, arousing the familiar scent of patchouli and sweet vanilla. It is an invitation to reflect on a lifetime of memories.

Black II Fragrance Notes: 

  • Top notes: Bergamot and spearmint
  • Middle notes: leather and dry wood
  • Base notes: Moss, sandal wood, patchouli and vanilla