Black IV
Black IV

Black IV

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A basket of fruits and blossoms

Black IV is a simple but generous basket of ripe fruits and delicate flowers in bloom. The result of a sensorial shopping spree on a summer market day in the south of France. The experience is simply divine.

The best way in which to arouse the senses is to travel through a bustling market in the south of France on the day of the Summer solstice.

The air is struck by the song of the cicadas. The skies resemble blue enamel lying atop the bright green blanket of the plane trees. The village square is humming with a special kind of energy, while a profusion of glowing flowers and sun-kissed fruit stimulates and tempts the senses. It is market day.

The basket is filled with spontaneity: a thrill of bergamot sweetened by sugar-loaded prunes and blackcurrant. The treasures continue to accumulate, with the purchase of a vivid bunch of delicate roses and luminous white flowers celebrating a perfect summer day. 

The basket holding a profusion wealth of fruits and flowers is light as air. The bouquets are tied with a demure touch of musky leather and sweet memories of a past life. The composition could be made of serendipity but it also the work of precision and patience – fulfilling and joyful.

Black IV Fragrance Notes: 

  • Top notes: bergamot, blackcurrant and prune
  • Middle notes: Rose, white flower 
  • Base notes: vanilla and musk, leather and sandal wood