Delina La Rosee
Delina La Rosee

Delina La Rosee

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A blend of transparent water flowers and peony recall multiple notes of fresh, velvety, impertinent, and delicate rose. The most regal of these notes, Turkish rose, unfolds in elegance.

Pear, lychee, and bergamot scents add a gourmand touch while a perceptible but subtle base of wood, white musk and vetiver envelops the senses.

A moment of freshness, Delina La Rosée brightens the skin from morning to night with a vibrant radiance and unforgettable scent.

“A poetic bouquet built of Turkish rose and transparent flowers, with an opening of pear, and a subtle base of softwood and white musk.”

Top Notes: Lychee, Pear, Bergamot Essence
Heart Notes: Turkish Rose, Peony, Transparent Flowers
Base Notes: Soft wood, White Musk, Vetiver