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EAST is our addictive travel fragrance, inspired by the Middle East. 

Of all the five senses, none has the power to transport us quite like scent. Every now and again, it’ll hit you: a stranger’s perfume reminding you of a long-lost love, the smell of the sea taking us back to holidays past. 

One aroma that always takes us to a different place is that of Oud, the rare and mysterious oil that comes from the core of the aquilaria tree. Oud is an aroma that invokes theMiddle East, a place with its own idiosyncratic set of smells and flavours. 

So, in tribute to travel and Oud, we created EAST, perhaps the strongest and most unique of all the Akro ranges. 

EAST is a fragrance that’ll transport you to those grand deserts and energetic street markets whenever you’re dreaming of somewhere far away.

Fragrance Notes:
Raspberry, Oud Assadi & Leather, Ambrox