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Erawan received the 1st prize FIFI Awards Breakthrough Fragrance of the Year in November 2018 in Moscow.

Erawan is a voyage into the autumn wood with a Thai elephant. A never-ending adventure and discovery.

Olfactive Notes

The opening - Crisp, green herbal fragrance stirs the senses and blends, in enervating harmony, with fresh floral, citral notes of Petitgrain from the bitter orange tree.

At the heart - A subtle, soft Muguet Accord with earthy Haitian Vetiver, while uplifting Hay Absolute, “a liquid summer’s day ”,delivers a sublime blend of sunshine, wood, moss, tobacco and fresh-cut hay. Coumarinic Liatrix reinforces this rich, earthy blend, while the intimate scent of Clary Sage, softens and sweetens the accord.

 The base notes - Tenacious and aromatic fixatives ensure a long, sensual dry-down. Cederwood’s spicy – resinous scent combines with classic earthy, green, Oakmoss. They are uplifted by the smooth balsamic richness of increasingly rare Vanilla Absolute.