Erba Leather
Erba Leather

Erba Leather

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A masterful fusion of rich, woody, leathery, and smoky notes that harness an irresistible masculine touch. 

An unparalleled medley of succulent and charming notes seamlessly intertwined with the sensual and bold accents inspired by the robust nature of music.

Opens up with a mouthwatering and enticing fruity aroma of Passion fruit infused with the sunny, ripe Bergamot and sharp zesty Lemon blend to stimulate your senses. Enriched with a seductive heart of Sandalwood, Leathery Notes and Jasmine and delicately balanced with warm base notes of Amber and Vetiver accord, and Leathery notes to build a luxurious foundation. 

Erba Leather Fragrance Notes:

  • Bergamot, Lemon, Passion Fruit
  • Jasmine, Sandalwood, Leathery Notes
  •  Amber, Leathery Notes, Vetiver