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Frustration, the eldest daughter of renunciation and the sister of perfume, since perfume proceeds like frustration in the game of love.

  It gives by taking up, a fullness never satisfied, an enjoyment started but never achieved, an infinite movement of desire without completion, without apotheosis, an instillation that excites, seduces, lulls, dominates and annoys like a Bolero by Ravel. Frustration.

  So take a vanilla bean, a garden rose with swollen red petals, some old rum exploding with amber woods, a bourbon vetiver, bring each of these materials to your senses. Frustration.

  Breathe, taste the circulation of the unheard of beans, delectable fermentation but never enough, where one asks for more, all nostrils out, ... "More, more, let us take your redness deeper, and become this animal with the dull mind of the child who wants to enjoy and devour even more this chestnut wood, this cinnamon or this vetiver until bursting, and then to bathe satiated in the poetry of the smell.Frustration.

  This is the love game of perfume, this is the game of love according to Musset, Shakespeare or Racine. And it is so much the better because satisfaction kills whereas desire makes you live by creating movement through the ever renewed distance, so as to never consume like a homicidal ogre. Frustration.

  Happy are the consumers of desire, unhappy the consumers of enjoyment.

  Frustration, a perfume to awaken the strong child in the fragile adult or the fragile child in the too-strong adult, a perfume for a regressive journey to the dominion of vanilla, rum and vetiver.

Frustration Fragrance Notes: 

  • Top notes: Cumin HE, Cinnamon HE, Pure Rhum Jungle Essence™
  • Heart notes: Pure Vanilla Jungle Essence™, Vanilla Absolute, Ciste Absolute
  • Base notes: Chestnut Wood Accord, Bourbon Vetiver HE, Vinyl Gaiacol – MANE Biotech