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Conjuring up the majestic reassuring rulers of the past and present, Imperial is both nostalgic and captivating. It has a calm and reassuring sentiment, bringing with it a sense of security and peaceful, all pervading power.  

When an eau de perfume commands such unreserved authority and respect, that is the very definition of Imperial power. A fragrance that isn’t afraid to be noticed, Imperial boasts a noble heart bursting with sweet, fresh florals, while Indian sandalwood, Cambodian oud and guaiac wood – prized for its ability to impart smoky, tarmac notes – lend an exotic demeanour. Bask in the diaphanous lightness of angelica and rosewood that crown this heady brew, and feel empowered by the calm assurance that Imperial exudes. An altogether magisterial selection.

Fragrance Notes: 

  • Top Notes: Angelica, Rosewood, Lavender, Birch 
  • Heart Notes: Geranium, Rose, White jasmine, Freesia 
  • Base Notes: Leather, Rock Rose, Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cambodian Oud, Guaiac Wood