Incident Diplomatique

Incident Diplomatique

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Incident Diplomatique is built on a brisk, striking patchouli base. Patchouli is one of the most provocative notes in all of perfumery and its dry headiness and undeniable earthiness are the centerpiece of this fragrance. Haitian vetiver and Java vetiver oil are employed as heart notes to give body to the composition – a dry grassiness and a velvety texture. Juicy citrus and vibrant spice create a sweet, flirty opening. The playful nod to geopolitical tensions in Incident Diplomatique's name suggests a tension of another sort - the tension of an attraction that is dangerous, but also too strong to resist.

"... Just as we might give into a staggering impulse too strong to resist, it declares its urges, teasing tension to the breaking point, until one brush turns into a tidal wave of sensuality." - Jovoy

Incident Diplomatique Fragrance Notes

Mandarin orange, haitian vetiver, java vetiver oil, nutmeg, patchouli, sandalwood