Island Lush
Island Lush
Island Lush

Island Lush

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South Pacific Sandalwood; the epitome of wild tropical beauty.

Carnal and bountiful, Island Lush is a sumptuous perfume with a heart of modern woods. A wind of exoticism transports you on a journey to islands beyond the horizon, where radiant spices, powdery orris, vegetal roots and luscious resins envelop smooth wood species.

Fragrance Notes: 

    • Sandalwood South Pacific
    • Sandalwood Australia
    • Bergamot Italy
    • Pink Pepper
    • Nutmeg Indonesia
    • Agarwood
    • Ginger
    • Geranium Egypt
    • Guaiac Wood Paraguay
    • Cedar Wood Texas
    • Patchouli Indonesia
    • Vetiver Haiti
    • Benzoin Laos
    • Leather

      Olfactory Description 

    A masterful blend of buttery South Pacific Sandalwood, rich in vanilla and orris powderiness, and the greener, spicier, smokier Australian Sandalwood, Island Lush offers a Sandalwood heart as enchantingly nuanced as it is seductive, embellishing it further in swathes of vetiver, leather, agarwood, and indulgent benzoin.

     Perfumer: Amélie Jacquin / Creative Director: Dimitri Weber