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This spicy oud has an intense and slightly earthy woody heart, it is illuminated with incense and amber and the cistus, vanilla tonka and grey amber give it a warm, resinous and balsamic base.

Like the King of Gods, this scent is an unapologetic statement demanding attention.

Jupiter, the King of the Gods was revered and feared in equal measures. Highly temperamental, he ruled the heavens armed with the mighty thunderbolt, said to be the most powerful weapon among the gods. He rescued his siblings from death, led the victorious battle of Titans and overthrew his father for the throne.

Like Jupiter, well known for amorous pursuits, this scent is powerful, vigorous and seductive.

Jupiter Fragrance Notes: 

  • Spicy Aromatic Top: Saffron, oud, incense, cistus, davana
  • Smooth Woody Heart: Patchouli, sandal, cedarwood, vetiver
  • Amber Powdery Base: Oud, ambergris, tonka, ambretta seeds, musk, vanilla berries

Pure Parfum/Extrait.