L'Air Des Alpes Suisses

L'Air Des Alpes Suisses

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Andy Tauer has a singular gift for olfactory mise en scene: fragrances so majestically evocative that you feel transported not only to a location, but into an experience: strolling through a Rahat marketplace at sunset (L'Air du Desert Marocain), ripping down Route 66 in a panhead Harley-Davidson (Lonesome Rider), or looking up at the Southwest sky next to a crackling fire (Lonestar Memories). For his newest experience, Andy invites us to the country where he lives and creates amongst the pristine natural beauty of the Swiss Alps.

L'Air Des Alpes Suisses opens bright, fresh, and invigorating, with notes of bitter, lively alpine herbs and cool glacier air. As if on our own Swiss adventure, our journey then leads us into the fresh, green heart, the air rich with blooming alpine lilies and pine needles drying on the forest floor. And finally, we smell the warm woods of the timber trees, sweetened with the amber tones of earth drying in the midday sun. It's about as different from most of his previous offerings as can be, but for one simple truth- it's deeply, beautifully evocative in the way that only Tauer can be. Discover L'Air Des Alpes Suisses today, and lose yourself in the bright, fresh, natural beauty of Switzerland.

L'Air Des Alpes Suisses Fragrance Notes

Amber gris, tonka, fir, birch, dried needles, lily, orchid, wild thyme, basil, rosewood, nutmeg, mountain lavender, lemon balm