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Inspired by the 19th century courtesans and bohemians that embraced the scent of patchouli, MISFIT won the Fragrance Foundation 2021 Award for Best Independent Perfume. A scent balanced between regal and rebel, where cashmere-like ambery notes smooth out the carnal earthiness associated with patchouli and counter-culture. In MISFIT what was once decadent is now made addictively desirable. With main notes of: French lavender, ambrette seed absolute, patchouli, Venezuelan tonka bean and tolu balsam.

September 1877, Port of Marseille, France.
In a bedroom in the City of Flesh, a Kashmiri shawl drapes decadently over the bed. Once extremely coveted, the shawls are now out of fashion with the bourgeois, their distinctive patchouli scent a victim of their downfall. Adopted by bohemians and courtesans, the fragrance mixes with French lavender, musky ambers and exotic balsams. With a new edge, and in the hands of misfits with style, the ‘undesirable’ becomes desired again.

Misfit Fragrance Notes: 

  • Calabrian bergamot essence, Carrot seed essence, Angelica root essence, French lavender essence
  • Bulgarian rose essence , Ambrette seed absolute , Akigalawood™, Styrax
  • Patchouli (proprietary combination of two fractioned essences)
  • Spanish cistus concrete, Venezuelan tonka bean absolute, Tolu balsam