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Worn on bare skin, Origino speaks for itself. Drawing its name from an Esperanto word for beginnings, Origino itself is a universal language, featuring a rich and captivating extrait-strength blend of musks that deliver enticing and seductive, yet subtle, depth. And just as a universal language can elicit an understanding even when hearing it for the first time, so too does Jeroboam's blend of "enigmatic musks" feel instantly universal- clean but sexy, fresh but warm, and wonderfully enveloping. Tinges of aromatics and spices keep things lively, positioning Origino as the perfect anti-scent, a lovely second skin ideal for the modern city-dweller who likes to make an impression both distinct and transparent. Discover your urban nomad with Origino.

Origino Fragrance Notes

Bergamot, pink peppercorn, juniper, nutmeg, sandalwood, enigmatic musks.

Extrait de Parfum