Oud Maracujá
Oud Maracujá

Oud Maracujá

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Oud Maracujá takes you to the heart of an oud wood forest and presents you with an exotic contrast between the thirst-quenching freshness of passion fruit and the tropical heat of oud wood. This unique accord is enhanced by the lushness of saffron, Indonesian patchouli and leather, then softened by benzoin from Laos and a duo of Turkish rose and vanilla absolutes.

The defining adventure: a passion fruit tasting in remote oud wood forests.

The surprising contrast: the richness of oud wood, contrasted by exotic and luminous passion fruit notes.

Fragrance family: exotic, woody and fruity (vegan).

Fragrance Notes: 

  • Top notes: passionfruit, ebelia, saffron, Turkish rose
  • Heart notes: Indonesian patchouli, benzoin
  • Dry Down: leather, amber vanilla, labdanum, akigalawood
  • Perfumer: Jordi Fernandez