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Finalist: Indie Fragrance of the Year 2022
The nape of the neck, the idealized scent at a lover and a lost embrace. PEAU is based on Roman Emperor Hadrian's memories of Antinoös, his lost lover. To evoke the contours of his idealized body, salty, peppery and musky notes blend in to evoke intimacy, life and the idealized memory of skin. With main notes of: Ambergris, clean musk accord, clary sage, white pepper from India, labdanum derivatives and okoume wood from Gabon.

AD 134, Villa Adriana, Tivoli, Italy.

Such was the love emperor Hadrian had for his favorite Antinoös, that he commissioned thousands of sculptures to memorialize him after his demise. Like the contours of a statue, the physical and spiritual presence of the body is likewise defined by a fragrant silhouette. Here is the emperor recalling his lover: the touch and smell of him, the warm redolence of skin, the soft musk at the nape of the neck. Paying tribute to the beloved, like Hadrian did Antinoös, this fragrance captures the memory of skin, conjuring intimacy and closeness, and living in our hearts and minds as an idealized scent.

Peau Fragrance Notes: 

  • Ambergris accord, Proprietary musk accord, Clary sage
  • White pepper from India, Coriander seed, Sargassum
  • Leather-like labdanum derivatives, Okoume wood from Gabon, Ambermax