Pomona Vitalis

Pomona Vitalis

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By Christian Provenzano


“Pomona Vitalis opens with fruity facets of lychee, strawberry
and apple balanced with a sparkle of bergamot. The lychee
complements the rose heart, enhancing the sense of dewy,
fresh, petals.

The heart revolves around a multi-faceted rose with both
Bulgarian rose oil with radiant metallic, green geranium shades
and fruity wine top notes, and the Rose Absolute brings a
distinctive rich and voluptuous sweetness with spicy green
honey and tobacco undertones. With a whisper of lavender.

The base is warm and enveloping with balmy vanilla and
benzoin facets, creamy shares of sandalwood and styrax which
enriches the resinous character and depth adding a leathery
tone “


Our muse was Pomona, a captivating beauty
and the goddess of gardens, fruit and orchards. She
spent her days tending to the blossoms and fruit in the
orchard, pruning the roses in the gardens and tending
to nature. She represented abundance, plenty and
rosy fresh faced beauty to the Ancient Romans.

Pomona Vitalis Fragrance Notes: 

A fruity floral amber perfume. Lychee, strawberry, apple, Calabrian bergamot, Bulgarian Rose & Rose Absolute, Sri Lankan sandalwood, vanilla, styrax, Siam benzoin,
Indonesian patchouli

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