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Pop Heart

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A wonderful creation by Mark Buxton.

This perfume bursts into colorful factettes taking you on a journey of modern sophistication. Sweet notes of strawberry and pineapple paired with luxurious rose and magnolia transform into a creamy, sensual vanilla musk. A playful yet seductive fragrance for the modern perfumista.


I love this beat, it just wants to make you move your feet. The deep bass throws me right into a traditional Parisian atelier. Pineapple yellow, crisp apple green and striking strawberry red, so many colours, so much life! The air is filled with a sweet scent which seems to come straight out of those colourful paintings. Absolutely magical! And the magician is right here. Wearing his signature hat in sensual magnolia white. Sipping on a cocktail infused with Raspberries and Rose, he says: “Just like those paintings, just like the song that’s playing, I want my perfumes to have a powerful identity – happy and playful yet sensual and strong, like love at first sight.” “Wanna dance?” he picks me up and puts me on his hat which diffuses a wonderful scent of caramel and vanilla. Happily I move with him from side to side ….”right foot up, left foot slide…

Fragrance Notes: 

Floral Ambery

  • Top Notes: Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry
  • Middle Notes: Raspberry, Rose, Magnolia
  • Base Notes: Caramel, Vanilla, Musk