RM 1988
RM 1988

RM 1988

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At the latest 80’s New York became the main centre of creative perfumery in the world. A place where Rosendo found the modernity which gave him the sense of individual power and freedom.

1988 represents the self-confidence and the mastery, expressed in a marine fragrance. It is a delicate balance of citric and fresh top notes that give way to aquatic middle notes of ozone, sea water, marine salt and undertones of white musk, hint of spices and woody notes.

The fragrance tonality mirrors the tranquillity of the ocean, a new vitality that invites us on a self-discovery journey.

RM 1988 Fragrance Notes: 

  • Citric, Fresh, Clean
  • Ozone, Marine, Woody, Salty
  • Woody, Spices, White Musk