Sous Le Point Mirabeau
Sous Le Point Mirabeau

Sous Le Point Mirabeau

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A symbol of Parisian history and endurance that has spanned the Seine for well over a century, immortalized in Guillaume Apollinaire's famous poem, which acknowledges the temporary nature of life and love even as it celebrates that joy invariably awaits on the other side of loss. It's this nuanced celebration of the cycles of life and legacy that inspire Etat Libre's latest fragrance Sous le Pont Mirabeau, a refreshing and sophisticated aromatic aquatic scent that captures the melancholic beauty of Apollinaire's missive. An opening of bergamot and pink pepper mingles its brightness with the sweet green fullness of fig, leading into a soothing and evocative waterscape at the heart of the fragrance accented with ozone and a delicate sparkle of incense. A sharp, modern violet represents the "violent hope" of the poem, while a base of sandalwood, fresh musk, and vanilla conveys the oddly fulfilling ache of lost love. Gentle yet subtly powerful, modern yet timeless, Sur le Pont Mirabeau is a lovely, eminently wearable fragrance infused with true Parisian soulfulness.

Sous Le Point Mirabeau Fragrance Notes: 

  • Top: Italian Bergamot HE SUSTAINABLE, Pure Pink Berry Jungle Essence™, Elemi HE, Fig Accord
  • Heart: Superessence incense, Aquatic Accord, Ozonic Accord, Violet Green
  • Base: Virginia Cedar Upcycled, Vanilla Pure Jungle Essence™, Sandalwood HE, Orcanox™ Upcycled, Musks