Villa Neroli
Villa Neroli

Villa Neroli

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"I imagined a garden of orange trees in Capri, a garden of abundance overlooking the Faraglioni, thousand-year-old rocks eroded by the wind, the rain and the sea. When the sun is barely down, this garden takes on an air of honeyed sweetness."

"When I first discovered Capri, I had the strange and fascinating sensation that time had stopped. Walking on the heights of the island, under the light of the setting sun, I could see sumptuous villas. In their alleys, the bigaradiers give off their fragrant scent. For me, it is like a solar joy, between optimism and serenity. This new creation from the Collection Azur is an invitation to live the dolce vita." David Benedek

Villa Neroli Fragrance Notes: 

  • Verdelli lemon from Calabria
  • Neroli essence from Tunisia
  • Petit-grain essence from Paragual
  • Orange blossom absolute from Morocco
  • Rose absolute from Bulgaria
  • Vanilla absolute from Madagascar
  • Vetiver from Madagascar
  • Patchouli from Sulawesi
  • Labdanum resinoide from Spain