White Whale
White Whale

White Whale

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With White Whale, Masque Milano unveils the finale of its olfactory opera that has grown over ten years! Composed by perfumer Christian Alori, the interwoven sounds of another literary classic, dedicated to the theme of the dream, unfold and describe the hunt for the mythical white whale translated into scent. Moby Dick, the wooden whaler Pequod, and the salty waves of the ocean are found in this melange alongside book pages illuminated by soft candlelight. [...]

The smell of candles, ropes and the vastness of the ocean form in White Whale's opening of olibanum and black pepper alongside a complex salt accord. They head towards a fragrance centre of hypnotic ambergris and osmanthus, violet and orris, in keeping with the image of the gigantic whale. The base of White Whale is the energetic meeting of whale and ship. Composed of woody notes, vetiver, cistus and labdanum, the image of the whaler's weather-beaten planks and sails emerges.

White Whale Fragrance Notes: 

Candles, Ropes, and the Vast Ocean, Olibanum LMR (Eastern Africa), Salty rope accords, Black Pepper Madagascar LMR
Ambergris accord, Osmanthus China LMR, Violet Flower, Orris Concrete Italy LMR
Cedarwood Virginia, Patchouli Indonesia MD LMR, Vetiver Haiti MD LMR, Cistus Labdanum